• Multi-functional Transformer & Substation Test System
  • Circuit Breaker Test sets/Analyzers/Timers
  • Sweep Frequency Response Analyzers (SFRA)
  • Insulation Diagnostics Analyzers
  • Insulation Testers
  • AC and AC/DC High Pot Testers/Vacuum Integrity Testers
  • Battery Testers
  • Protective Relay Test System
  • Digital Loop Testers/RCD (ELCB) Testers
  • Oil BDV Kit/Transformer Oil Moisture Analyzers
  • Digital Low Resistance ohm meters/ Contact Resistance Meters
  • Portable Power Quality Analyzers
  • Transformer turns Ratio TestSets/Transformer Ohmmeters/CT Analyzers
  • Three Phase Watt-hour Meter Test Sets
  • Cable Test Vans/Cable Diagnosis Equipments, Partial Discharge Measuring/Dielectric Diagnosis
  • Digital Clamp Meters/ Leakage Clamp Meters/Digital Multimeters/Earth Testers/Clamp on Earth Testers
  • Cable Fault Locating System/ Sheath Fault locators/ VLF Test systems/ Cable Testing and Diagnostic Systems/ Cable Identifiers/ Cable Route Tracers/ Pin pointing Device

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