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Fluke- Norma 4000
3108534: Fluke-N4K 1PP42 (Fluke-Norma 4000, single phase with PP42 power phase input module) 3108541: Fluke-N4K 3PP42 (Fluke-Norma 4000, three phase w
Fluke Norma 4000 Power Analysers
Fluke- Norma 5000
3313044: Fluke-N5K 6PP42IBR (Fluke-Norma 5000, three phase with 6xPP42 power phase input modules with current binding post with IEEE488 / Ethernet int
Fluke Norma 5000 Power Analysers
Fluke- Norma 6000
- FLK-NORMA 6003/APC: 5132956 - FLK-NORMA 6003+/APC: 5132963 - FLK-NORMA 6004/APC: 5132974 - FLK-NORMA 6004+/APC: 5132988
Fluke Norma 6000 Power Analysers


Hioki- PW3390
- PW3390-01 - PW3390-02: D/A output - PW3390-03: D/A output, motor analysis
Hioki PW3390 Power Analysers
Hioki- PW6001
PW6001- 01/11/02/12/03/13/04/14/05/15/06/16
Hioki PW6001 Power Analyser
Hioki- PW3337
- PW3337: 3ch - PW3337-01: 3ch, built-in GP-IB - PW3337-02: 3ch, built-in D/A output - PW3337-03: 3ch, built-in GP-IB, D/A output
Hioki PW3337 Power Analysers