About us:


Since its founding in 1993 by the late Mr. Swaminathan, Elmack Engg Services has strived to offer the best in house solutions for all kinds of electrical and electronic testing and measuring applications, thereby enabling the success of our customers. With the demand for testing increasing, owing to fast paced technological advancements across fields like R&D, Manufacturing, Aerospace & Defence, Education, we have always believed in supporting our customers with the most appropriate products from world renowned test & measurement brands like Keysight, Fluke and Megger. Led from the front by Mr Swaminathan, over these 25 years, Elmack has built a strong reputation for its customer centric approach and the continued support from our customers has always encouraged and empowered us to live up to our “Customer First” motto every day.


To further strengthen our “Customer First” credo, Elmack is now led by the management of one of the largest Distribution Houses in India having nationwide presence for distribution of a diverse portfolio of brands and products through Rashi Peripherals Pvt Ltd (www.rptechindia.com) and PV Lumens LLP (www.pvlumens.com). This change brings together the combined resources and strengths of Elmack and that of the new management team that has experience in sales, distribution and customer support at a national level. In our effort to serve customers with a higher degree of responsiveness and attention, we believe that we are now uniquely positioned with a more comprehensive test & measurement solutions offering.

ELMACK ENGG SERVICES Address: Email: sales@elmackengg.com Plot W-14/47, 8th St, I Avenue, B-Sector Mobile: +91 7358111402 Annanagar Western Extn Telefax: 2654 0919 / 2654 8851 / 2654 7251 Chennai – 600 101